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Drug Crimes Lawyer NYC

While attitudes about some substances may have relaxed over the years, law enforcement continues to place heavy emphasis on drug crimes in New York. If you are accused of a drug crime, you could be facing serious charges.

We have 30 years of experience dealing with possession, sale, and trafficking charges. We have even been successful at getting some of our clients into drug court, which offers a treatment focus over a punishment focus. 

Illegal Drugs in New York

Any controlled substance can be illegal in New York. This includes street drugs like cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin as well as illegally obtained prescription drugs such as OxyContin or Adderall.

Marijuana is legal in New York, but only in limited amounts. 

Penalties for Drug Crimes in New York

The penalties vary depending on the amount of drug you were found to have been in possession of, as well as whether or not there was evidence to suggest the drug was for personal use vs. for sale. 

Mere possession is a class A misdemeanor. Possession with intent to sell starts as a class D felony and moves up the scale as the amounts and types of drugs grow more serious in the eyes of the law. The charges can also grow more serious if you sold the drugs near schools or to children, or if you are thought to have been part of a drug distribution network or conspiracy. 

There are also penalties for possessing precursors, solvents, or chemical reagents with intent to use them to make drugs such as methamphetamines.  

Defense Strategies for Drug Crimes

If law enforcement violated your rights while searching you, your home, or your car prior to finding the drugs then we can use that fact to get any evidence they obtained during those searches thrown out of court. Often, this can unravel the DA’s entire case against you. We have also been successful at proving malicious prosecution claims. 

We may also be able to prove innocent possession, such as taking possession of a drug to dispose of it. Or we can dispute that the drugs were yours in the first place. 

We always take a thorough look at your specific case to ensure that you get a defense that is likely to succeed. There may be defenses not listed here that would apply to you. Ask us when you call us! 

If you or a loved one has been accused of a drug crime, reach out to Michael F. Rubin Law today. 

We’re here to defend your rights, and to help you guide your drug possession, drug sale, or drug trafficking case to its most advantageous outcome. 

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