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New York Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual Assault Lawyer NYC

There are few charges more devastating than a sexual assault charge. That’s why we work tirelessly to dig deeply into the facts of any sexual assault case that comes our way. We then work hard to build a comprehensive and cost-effective defense.

If you’ve been charged with sexual assault, you have absolutely no time to lose. Reach out to our offices to get help today. 

What counts as sexual assault in New York?

“Sexual assault” describes a broad class of sexual crimes such as rape, sexual abuse, and unwanted sexual touching. Aggravated sexual assault involves any incident where the alleged perpetrator is thought to have inserted a finger or foreign object into a person’s body as part of the assault. 

The crime happens when the victim does not consent to the touching. Almost all cases hinge on consent. There are some people who cannot, under the law, give consent, such as those who are incapacitated, mentally deficient, or are beneath a certain age. 

Can you secure pretrial release for sexual assault in New York? 

Sexual assault is considered a violent crime in New York, which means you will generally have to pay cash bail if you wish to seek pretrial release.

As your New York criminal defense attorney, we will do everything in our power to help ensure the judge sets the bail as low as possible. Studies show that obtaining pretrial release makes a big impact on the successful outcome of most cases, so we try everything in our power to ensure that it’s possible in your case. 

What are the penalties for sexual assault in New York? 

Sexual assault is a felony, and you’re facing extensive jail time and fines if you are convicted.

In addition, you will usually end up having to register as a sex offender in the state of New York. That will mean being unable to hold many professional licenses or work certain jobs. You will not be allowed to live within a certain radius of schools or daycares, which will limit already limited housing options.

It is absolutely imperative that you take these charges seriously. 

Defense Strategies for Sexual Assault

As most sexual assault cases hinge on whether the conduct was consensual or not, we do everything we can to help you prove that the contact was consensual. There may also be cases when we can prove you weren’t there at all, and that your arrest was a matter of mistaken identity. 

We do everything in our power to undermine any evidence that exists against you in order to make the prosecution’s case as weak as possible. Every case is different, so reach out to our office to schedule a case review as soon as possible. The faster you act, the better your case results are likely to be. 

If you or a loved one has been arrested for sexual assault, call our office today. 

We’re here to defend your rights, and to help you guide your sexual assault case to its most advantageous outcome. 

Call 917-881-4895 to schedule a free consultation today. We may be able to help you get your charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced, or secure an acquittal through the trial process.